Photorealistic 3D visualizations

I offer the processing of 3D visualizations in the Lumion program. Visualizations are an integral part of designs for exteriors, interiors and development projects. You can easily imagine what your future building or interior will look like. First, it is necessary to process the model separately and then create a photo-realistic 3D visualization using the best sw programs. The main focus is on the creation of architectural designs and product design. The price is based on the drawing documentation and your final intention.

Approximate prices (2 views):
Interior visualization:
      Connected rooms (living room + kitchen) ….. from  4,700
      Separate rooms (bedroom, room, kitchen, bathroom) ….. from 3,700 
      Corridors, utility rooms ….. from 2,700

Visualization of the exterior of a family house ….. from 8,700
Visualization of the exterior of an apartment building ….. from 10,700