Individual house designs

House designs are created through mutual cooperation with the client, the use of healthy building materials and the incorporation of low-energy principles. Our goal is to create a vital environment that will support you both physically (a healthy home) and psychosocially (a place where I feel at home and safe). We work with a team of specialists and are thus able to ensure high-quality development of the project. We are using principles of bioarchitecture and building biology.


Do you need to assess zour propety? Recommend healthy building materials? Review the project? Will you renovate the apartment? You have the option to order a consultation (also ON-LINE). Short phone consultations are free.

Ing. David Eyer, Ph.D.

In 2002, I completed building biology education at the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology in Neubeuern (IBN). In the same year, I became a partner of acad. arch. Oldřich Hozman in Studio ARC, where I designed constructions using ecological building materials…. 


Recommended healthy building materials

Purely natural wood protection, oils and varnishes, wall coatings, natural pigments:
Kreidezeit – 
Biofa –
Biopin –
Livos Natural –
Aqua Bárta – (vápenné nátěry)
Keimfarben – (biosil, ecosil – silikátové nátěry

more materials

New projects

Low energy house – Broumov
Passive house design
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